An Introduction of the Agar Tree

In term of Botany it is called aquilaria agallucha-ROXBURGLIGNUM ALOSE (Scientific name), aquilaria Malaccensis lamk, it belongs to the thymelaeaceae family. lt has nomenclature Viz “AUDA-AUD WOOD-AGAR WOOD-AQUILARIA AGALLUCHA- ROXB ALOES WOOD GHARU WOOD-BOIS ‘D’-ALOES” the forest guide mentioned it as silviculture group. Agar trees are grown in the monsoon regions where the annual rainfall is 203° Centimeters on an average. They are found in the jungles of south and south east-Asian countries, namely  Bangladesh, India , Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal etc. They are best grown in the hills and mountains of the tropical areas encompassed by 80° east to 120° east and 10° south to 40° north.

Agar wood is none of the wonders of the world, but it is the lone wonder ofthe woodland at large, to be sure.