History of Agar Wood

To the middle-East and to many of its neighboring countries the most costly and valuable wood is agar wood (aquilaria agallucha). It is gaining its worth and demand since its introduction some 300 years back. Tlhere is a fond legend that father Adam, Ordained to come down on this planet-stripped off his heavenly clothing, was feeling an agony of shame for his shabby state here. He needed certain thing as substitute for his former clothing. Iii such circumstances, out of a divine impel, a ceztain tree offered its bark to wear, this species of tree is called agar tree (aquilaria agalluciia). In return father Adam invoked G0d’S blessing upon the entire species of this tree, so that it might have some dear and distinctive feature to be loved and cherished by all. As such a sweet fragrance came into existence in it. Agar wood has now got enormous monetary value in a considerable number of countries of the World.