Agar Oil Processing

Extraction process

In this process the solvent is used is diethyl ether.
The following are the steps for extraction
1. Conversion ofwood in to dust:
The wood is made in to dust by dheki by as usual process.
2. Extraction:
One vol. of wood is dissolved in three vol. of diethyl ether and
is kept for several hours.
3. Filtration
4. Distillation:
The liquor is now placed for distillation. The solvent vapor from
the top is condensed and can be reused. The distillation process
is continued until little amount of solvent is preset in the liquor
which will be removed by open drying.
5. Separation:
To separate the oil, the liquor is dissolved in the layout alcohol
and filtered. The filtrate is dried openly in the air and the final
product is the oil. '

(Note: Above reports collected from the science laboratory, Dhaka)

There are two processes for the collection ofAgar oil from Aquilegia

1. Steam distillation
2. Extraction process

Steamp distillation.
Steam Distillation can be divided in to two parts.
a) Simple steam distillation
b) Distillation with third components

Distillation with third components
The following are the necessary steps.
a) Conversion of wood into dust-
Wood is converted into dust in as usual process as we do
by dheki
b) Distillation
i) Wood dust - 5 kg
ii) Water - 10 kg
iii) Common salt - 130 

The above materials are taken in a distillation container together
and distillation is carried out by applying heat. The vapor from
the top is condensed and collected in a container. The oil with
water is collected in the container and is separated by separating

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