By Product Agar Oil (Attar)

While manufacturing process is going on, small filings and particles
of agar wood are gathering as refuse or left-over which are none the
less for a good return. These are locally called Agar churans and agar
oil is extracted from them through distillation. The best quality Agar
oil is obtained from the churans of kalagachi agar wood.

Far ahead of distillation, a mass of minimum 40 kg to 50 kg churan is
dipped into water in a suitable drums or container for a period of 7 to
10 days. Then the mass is taken out and crushed or pounded by heavy
pestles bipped with notched metal rings. This function is now
performed by manual labour. The pounded mass is now put into the
distillation plant(an indigenous make-shift).

After 40 to 50 hours spread over 5 to 7 days of prolonged bolling of
the churan with water, Agar oil mixed with vapors blows through the
distillation pipe together and settle on water in a cylindrical cask
maintain for that purpose.