Formation of agar

The fragrance of agar does not exist in the whole tree. It is an express
condition that a tree must grow some patches as knots, nodes, swells
in its texture where in fragrance will originate. These fragrant patches
or portions are called agar wood. It has different shades of colour
ranging from light tan to dark black. These coloured portions are
heavier and oilly. The coloured portions of the wood is an oilly
substance which is called agar wood. Trees broken by storm or
affected by time and nature may form such oilly substance in them. lt
is formed due to some or other affectation from without. Lately
chemical examinations revealed that the oilly substance is a mass of
bacteria which cannot be seen with naked eyes. This mass gradually
expands and thickens. The more solid black and thick is more
valuable. Other grades of agar wood make the inferior qualities
ranging backwards from black to tan. When matured trees develop
such patches but the volume of agar wood harvested from a particular
tree may or may not be to a commercial extent. Usually experts have
a careful preview of tree before start to harvest it. If they presume it
bearing a commercial quantity or volume of fragrant patches of wood
they harvest it only then. The funny thing about it is that there in no
trace of any fragrance of those knots, nodes or swelled portions until
it is dried up. Fragrance begins to reveal it as soon as the agar wood is
dried up and undergoing processing.