Raw Materials of Agar Oil

Raw materials of Agar oil (attar) is oily chips of Agar trees wood. It is
interesting that for growing Agar (oily black) woods artiticially in the plain
liees, there is a simple process by driving nails into the matured Agar trees.
In this process the saps come in contact with the nails and only black Agar
wood begins to form around them by a physio- chemical process, which
culminates in three to five years. ln recent years, private schemes have been
faken up for the plantation of Agar trees largely in Barlekhai and nearest
Upozillas, of which the plantation of Patharia Agar Processing Enterprises
has about 200 decimals Agar plantation areas and also distillation process as
well at Dakshinbhag Barlekha Moulvibazar.

There are professional labourers, they cut down the processed trees and chop
it to harvest the desired black pieces out of white plain woods.
“For ahead of distillation, 'a mass of 40 to 60 kg chips dipped into water
Qontainer/ reservoir for about a period of 15 days for fermentation, then the
mass is taken out and put into the distillation plant, distillation is carried out
by apply heat after 5 to 10 days prolong boiling of chips with ‘water Agar oil
“mixed with vapours and blows through the distillation pipe together iand
settle on water 'in a cylindrical cask which is maintain for that purpose only.
The oil with water is collected in the container and is separated by
separating funnel.